Columbus Blue Jackets         NHL Draft Pick 04 Boston University Hockey 2004-08         Captain 08 Played 4 Seasons of Professional         Hockey AHL, ECHL U19 Mass North New England         Fall Prep League Coach Head Skills Instructor
Providence College Hockey 2004- 08 Scout for Moncton Wildcats (Quebec Major Junior League) U19 Mass Central  New England Fall Prep League Coach Head Skills Instructor
Pricing and Registration
Schedule April 9th-June 8th Option 1  3 days a week 27 gym sessions throughout the spring  Spring package available for $275 Option 2 2 days a week„18 training sessions through the spring Package available for $225 Training times available Monday through Thursday, Fridays  upon request Training Slots: 4-5pm, 5-6pm, 6-7pm, and 7-8pm.  Walk ins also available through the spring  $15 per session ***first come first serve on scheduling your time
Please Contact Brian McGuirk or Marc Bastarache to sign up now. Marc: (339) 226-0257 Brian: (978) 833-8698
Off Season Training Developing the speed, strength, and training techniques to play at your highest level next season.
Start your development today
No matter the age, training experience, or level of strength, there is a training program for all teams.  Athletes will be taught the proper lifting and training techniques regarding body weight exercises, for young athletes, and weight lifting exercises, for older athletes.  
Athletes will be pushed physically on a consistent basis, improving their overall sports performance and helping each athlete progress both on and off the ice. Programs for all players will be made and their progress recorded.
Training Focuses on :     Explosive Speed       Explosive Speed   Agility Training   Strength Development   Core Strength and Flexibility   Fast Twitch Muscle  Development through explosive  plyometric drills and Olympic  lifting.    There is a high correlation  between an athlete’s strength  and explosive power and their  overall speed. Emphasis is  placed on developing max imum  strength. More force a muscle  can produce, the more s peed  and power that athlete has.   Aimed to convert strength and  linear speed into sport specific  speed and quickness. Focusing  on plyometric training, speed  ladder, and agility drills.    Focus on developing a strong  core to provide stability and  balance, which allows for the  tra nsfer of powerful movements  to the bodies extremities. Also,  develop proper range of motion  and flexibility to help prevent  injuries.
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